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personal trainer in palm desert teaching group fitness class


Hi, my name is Christian Ceja and I’ve been guiding people to a better place for more than 15 years.


I started working out for the same reason that MOST people start, because the idea of looking better made the process more appealing. I got a job at a gym while going to college and working out became an outlet for a depressed kid who needed SOMETHING that made sense. I dove in to the only thing that remained under my control based on my efforts. I got certified shortly after turning 18 and after working for most of the big brand gyms and a few grassroots locations, I developed a little bit of a following, most of whom I’ve been coaching for 2-10 years. My little community is the reason I’m still here and why work has never really felt like work. 


I coach with a practical hope philosophy -

There is a happy medium between the health standards you aspire to and the life you want to live, but the only way to feel like you’re in control of the process is to hold yourself kindly accountable. Have hope, but be honest with yourself about what it takes to get to the next step and then take action. 

Gym Equipments
"Super clean. Smaller class sizes are wonderful.
Christian truly cares about your well-being while you're working out. No diet culture vibes here. Just good clean and effective workouts."

Jen M. - Palm Desert, CA

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